Top iOS news of the week: Don't close apps, bug fix in iOS, FBI gets in terrorist's iPhone


Apple releases iOS 9.3.1

In response to a bug in iOS 9.3, Apple has already released 9.3.1 that “fixes an issue that caused apps to be unresponsive after tapping on links in Safari and other apps,” according to Apple.

Source: ZDNet


Closing iPhone apps has no benefit

Leaving one iOS app to run another sends the first app to the background. While it was originally thought that these apps sitting in the background were taking up resources, Apple has admitted that is not the case. According to the firm iOS now handles apps and resources very well, and it handles it better than device owners can.

Source: Media Street

Father asks Apple to unlock dead son’s iPhone

While he doesn’t have the clout the FBI thought it had with Apple, a grieving father has asked the firm to help him retrieve photos from his dead son’s iPhone. The boy died of cancer late last year and the family would like to see the last photos he took before passing away. It’s not yet known if Apple will help unlock the phone.

Source: The Advertiser


FBI unlocks terrorist’s iPhone without Apple

The FBI and Apple have been battling over the San Bernardino terrorist’s iPhone for a while. The agency took Apple to court to force them to unlock the phone for its investigation, but Apple has steadfastly refused. That’s all over now as the FBI got help from another source to get into the phone in question.

Source: ZDNet

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