Managed By Q, the digital office administrator, raises $25 million

Less than a year after raising a hefty Series A, Managed By Q is today announcing the raise of a $25 million Series B round from GV and Kapor Ventures. Former TechCrunch writer MG Siegler is joining the board as part of the deal.

Managed By Q is a service that handle all the extra responsibilities that come along with running an office. From re-stocking toilet paper and soap to office cleanings to a fresh paint job on the wall, Managed By Q tackles these chores with their own office and field Operators, all from a few taps on an iPad.

The iPad is provided by Q to new customers, and comes pre-loaded with the Q software system, letting anyone in the office place an order through the wall-mounted tablet.

Q’s Operators, which are employed on a W2 basis, can take on all kinds of jobs, from regularly scheduled cleanings to IT support to installing a projector system in a conference room.

Managed By Q is one of the few on-demand(ish) platforms to pioneer W2 employment, and recently launched an employee stock program that gives all employees five percent of the company’s equity.

The startup, which launched in New York but has since expanded to SF, LA, and Chicago, has seen competition recently from companies like Eden, which offer similar services and also follow the W2 model.

The new funding brings Managed By Q to a total of $42.43 million in capital raised.

You can learn more about Managed By Q right here.

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