Top iOS news of the week: Recover bricked iPhone, bad USB-C cables, and Apple vs. the FBI


Apple faces off against the FBI

The FBI has demanded that Apple unlock a terrorist’s phone for law enforcement and the company has refused. At stake is Apple’s fear that a special version of iOS to do what the FBI wants will be bad for all iPhone owners should it get out in the wild.

Source: ZDNet


Apple recalls USB-C cables due to flaws

Apple is recalling several USB-C cables used for charging MacBooks. The recall is due to unspecified design flaws, and these likely have to do with reported MacBook charging problems.

Source: Techbuzz


Fix offered by Apple for bricked iPhones with Error 53

Many iPhone owners have been plagued by a mysterious Error 53 that bricks the phone. There has been no way to recover from this until now, as Apple has issued an iOS patch to recover. Those affected should apply this update as soon as possible.

Source: The Verge

Time to sell your iPad is near

Some iPad owners planning to get the next model when released may be thinking of when and where to sell their old one to get the most money. The folks at iMore have published a good guide with all the information needed to get the most out of the old iPad

Source: iMore

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