Photos of Skiers Using Pigments to Turn the Sky Into a Canvas

A lot of professional photographers have a growing frustration about losing jobs to part-time “photographers” doing horrible work for $30, or having clients tell them that another “photographer” will do the same job for $25. So, I got to thinking: what if other professions were treated like photography?

Here’s a sweet camera deal that’s currently available: the reputable eBay store robertsdigital is selling a nice kit with the original Olympus OM-D EM-5 camera. At $700, with what’s included, you’re essentially getting an EM-5 thrown in for free.

During the Great Depression in the US, the government had a role in creating the “golden age of American photography” by paying some of the best photographers to document the country. While many iconic shots emerged, other shots that weren’t as good were “killed”… with a hole punch.

Whoa. Google just announced that it’s making its Nik Collection of desktop photo editing software 100% free.

Here it is… our first look at how Nikon’s new flagship D5 performs at high sensitivities up to its maximum ISO of 3,276,800.

She stands in the front of the church; her face carefully set into a pleasant expression, her breathing slow. The knuckles of her right hand, however, are white with rage as she clutches her camera.

It is often stated that, for photography, it is vital to use color management within your workflow, so that you can ensure accurate colors for your work.

Food photographers have all kinds of tricks they use to make food — or what appears to be food — look appealing on camera. Those tricks are revealed in a new photo project titled Faking It.

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With years of experience, I have learned how to handle most daily situations encountered as a photographer. With the emergence of social media, people can be very picky about photos and privacy. I understand.

Lens flare was once considered a problem in filmmaking and something that should be prevented with well designed lenses and special coatings, but now it’s something that’s embraced and seemingly in every movie that hits the silver screen. How and why did this change happen?

Floating acrylic frames are an elegant way to display your photos on walls, but commercial solutions can be pricey. Here’s a 1.5-minute tutorial video by A Beautiful Mess on how you can go a cheaper do-it-yourself route for the same result.

Companies like Facebook and Instagram have turned photo sharing into an industry dominated by smartphones and “Likes.” Nikon’s new DSLR ad campaign pushes back against this exploding culture.

My name is Ross Harvey, and I’m an international destination wedding photographer based in the UK. I just back from two weeks shooting street photography in Cuba, and it was a wonderful experience that I’d like to share with you.

Your Instagram feed is currently a chronological list of photos posted by those you follow, but that’s about to change: Instagram says a Facebook-style curation algorithm is on the way.

Photographer Adam Nawrot wanted to chase light full time, so he bought an old NYPD surveillance van for $2,500 and turned it into his mobile home and editing studio.

How long does it take a person to learn photography? Can — or should — you make the jump from newbie to working professional professional in a heartbeat? That’s the question discussed in this insightful video by photographer Mike Browne.

Here’s a short and humorous sketch that pokes fun at how hard it can be to satisfy the wishes of clients as a portrait photographer.

Here’s a 4-minute video that discusses why it’s important to show your work as a photographer and put it out there for the world to see rather than wait until it’s “perfect” before presenting your art.

Staging scenes is considered a big no-no in photojournalism, but that’s what one award-winning photojournalist was apparently caught doing at a memorial after the Brussels terrorist attacks.

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