Owners of (older) Kindles have to update their software or lose Internet connectivity

People who have Kindles made before 2012 need to update their software by March 22 or lose Internet connectivity, Amazon announced. Procrastinators and people who missed the message will have to perform the unspeakably arduous task of connecting their Kindle to a computer with a USB cable to download the update manually.

If you own a newer Kindle, however, you might not need to update it. Amazon says Kindle Paperwhite 6th Generation and 7th Generation; Kindle 7th Generation; and Kindle Voyage 7th Generation, which were released in 2013 or later, are exempt.

Most Kindles will update automatically as long as they are turned on, plugged in, and connected to wifi, but if yours isn’t, check Amazon’s instructions. The software update downloads and installs automatically while the Kindle is asleep.

Without an Internet connection, Kindle owners can’t download books from the cloud, go shopping in the Kindle store, or any of the other fun things an e-reader is supposed to enable.

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