Google Calendar’s Reminders feature is now on the web

Way back in December, Google added a to-do function called Reminders to the Google Calendar iOS and Android apps. Now, at long last, it is available for the web.

Reminders basically amp up Google Calendar’s to-do list, so you can not only create tasks in your Gmail inbox, Google Keep, or calendar, but see a reminder that shows up on top of your Google Calendar, haunting you until you finally pay that bill or call that person or do whatever it is that you keep putting off, like emailing for a Revolv refund.

For people who were juggling Google Calendar with to-do apps (the ones I’ve tried include AnyList, ToDoist, Wunderlist,, and a Post-it note stuck to the back of my phone case), Reminders is a small but extremely handy feature and being able to manage tasks on the web will make it even more useful, especially when I lose my phone.

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