Google brings its nifty Smart Reply feature to Inbox on the web

Inbox by Gmail, Google’s next-gen email client for Gmail users, includes a number of features that aim to make handling your incoming messages easier. One of the best of these has long been Smart Reply, which uses Google’s machine learning intelligence to look at your email and suggest three possible (and very short) answers.

Until now, this feature was only available in the Inbox mobile app, but, starting today, it will also be available on the web. Google says 10 percent of replies in the mobile app already use Smart Reply.

In my experience, Smart Reply typically works pretty well and is often intelligent enough to give you at least one or two options that would work.

I tend to write slightly longer email replies (most Smart Reply options are three or four sentences long), but I’ve found this feature especially useful when I have to quickly respond to a message while I’m walking down the street or running through an airport.

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