Top iOS news of the week: OLED in iPhones, FBI admits Apple is correct, and Sling TV is coming


iPhone in 2017 to possibly have OLED

A rumor has surfaced that Apple will move to OLED display technology with the iPhone. This rumor is from “those familiar with Apple’s business dealings” so it’s not etched in stone.

Source: AppleInsider


Sling TV coming to Apple TV

The company hasn’t announced it but images indicate that Sling TV is coming to the Apple TV. One Apple TV user saw it appear in the tvOS App Store and quickly installed it before it disappeared a short time later.

Source: TNW


FBI admits Apple would set precedent if agrees to honor court order

In the congressional hearing concerning Apple’s refusal to honor the court order to unlock a terrorist’s iPhone, FBI Director James Comey admitted that it would use the precedent from a win against Apple. It would use the All Writs Act to unlock other iPhones in other cases.

Source: iLounge

Navigation with Apple Pencil returns

The ability to navigate the interface of the iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil disappeared in a recent iOS 9.3 beta, and users complained of the loss. Apple listened and in iOS 9.3 beta 5 has restored the ability to operate the interface using the Apple Pencil.

Source: AppleInsider

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