Hyperlooping Miss Daisy



With all the talk about driverless, autonomous cars, Uber as a disrupter and Space Flights for the everyman how about going from San Francisco to LA in a Tube at 760 miles per hour. How about that Miss Daisy?

Well its true. Hyperloop Technologies on Wednesday successfully tested the propulsion piece of their People Tube technology and stated they will be ready to transport people in these tubes my 2020. Transporting people in tubes was an idea of Elon Musk and in 2013 and he floated a paper that proposed a concept of transporting people in low pressure tubes at a very high speed – nearly the speed of sound.

The concept envisioned pods powered by propulsion motors that would use magnets to levitate the pod and allow it to hover in near vacuum tubes. The minimal air resistance and friction will allow for very high speeds. You can think of the design broken down into levitation, propulsion and tube design.

Two companies with similar names are jockeying for position in the new Tech arena. Hyperloop One Inc. which conducted the latest test in the Las Vegas desert and Hyperloop Transportation Technologies which said it has come up with a way to levitate the pods using permanent magnets. Both companies appear adequately funded for their R&D but it is estimated that a Hyperloop from San Francisco to Los Angeles would cost somewhere in the neighborhood of 6 billion dollars.

To the future and beyond Miss Daisy.

Thank the Wall Street Journal for the particulars in this article and see Gizmodo and Engadget articles for a more detailed overview.

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