Amazon’s Appstore For Android Will Soon Have Full In-App Purchasing

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Amazon's App store For Android Soon To Have Full In-App Purchasing


In the past Amazon has not been able to compete with Google over Android consumers until now.  The news is out that Amazon’s Appstore for Android will soon have full In-App purchasing.

In-App purchases (IAPs) is when you are able to purchase something from inside the app itself using the Store Kit framework.

For example, you could use In-App Purchase to implement any of the following scenarios:

  • A basic version of your application with additional premium features.
  • A book reader application that allows the user to purchase and download new books.
  • A game that offers new environments (levels) to explore.
  • An online game that allows the player to purchase virtual property.

Amazon’s Appstore For Android Will Soon Have Full In-App Purchasing

Amazon is preparing the latest salvo in its fight to create an alternative app store to Google’s Android Market, but it’s not quite clear when the online retail giant intends to fire it.

That salvo is in-app purchases, a feature that, by all rights, would be a big addition to the features it offers in the Amazon App-store.  Real More…

The in-app purchasing is now still in beta in Amazon’s App-store and according to Tom’s Guide consumers can find some apps that allow them to purchase items within the app.

But apparently on a whole, not every app offers this convenient feature. Developers interested in integrating micro transactions must be invited into the program after filling out a request form. However sources claim that Amazon is gearing up to open the program to all developers, possibly sometime this month.


If you are a developer and interested in integrating micro transactions you are welcome to fill out the request form to be invited in.  You can do that here.

I think we all knew that Amazon’s App store For Android in the near future would  have Full In-App Purchasing and was something that was expected coming from Amazon.  I see it as just another feature Amazon will have of the many that will come in the future.

Amazon does not have a problem with their sense of urgency, they will will have everything other app stores have and more   like ASAP.

What do you think will happen when Google comes out with their rumored 7-inch ICS tablet sometime later this year?

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