Amazon News Brief: New Tools Coming, Kindle e-books, Laptop Business, Books and Movie Rules & More

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Amazon News BriefCheck out some of Amazon’s news that’s going around that was not reported earlier.

Do You Want the Good News First? [Via The New York Times]

I’VE spent the last week traveling to two of America’s greatest innovation hubs — Silicon Valley and Seattle — and the trip left me feeling a combination of exhilaration and dread. The excitement comes from not only seeing the stunning amount of innovation emerging from the ground up, but from seeing the new tools coming on stream that are, as’s founder, Jeff Bezos, put it to me, “eliminating all the gatekeepers” — making it easier and cheaper than ever to publish your own book, start your own company and chase your own dream. Never have individuals been more empowered, and we’re still just at the start of this trend.

Where Do e-Books Go When You Do?  [Via The New York Times]

To the question, “So what happens to all my Kindle e-books when I die?” Amazon replied, “I’m sorry; Kindle content can’t be resold or donated, or transferred between accounts.

How to Run Your (Not Small) Company Off of a Laptop  [Via: Bits]

Amazon announced an agreement Friday with SAP that enables companies to store their data in the Amazon Web Services cloud, and run SAP’s business applications remotely, using A.W.S. servers accessed over the Internet.

How Amazon is changing the rules for books and movies  [Via:  CNET]

The online retail giant is tapping its huge customer base and vast technical underpinnings to reshape the way books, movies, and television programs are made.

Starbucks shoots up world’s top brand list; Amazon falls  [ Via:  PSBJ]

Starbucks Corp. shot up 30 places on the world’s most valuable brand list, ending up at No. 42, while Inc.    fell four places to No. 18 and Microsoft Corp. stayed at No. 5.



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