Amazon Kindle Fire International Release

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Amazon Kindle Fire International Release

Amazon Kindle Fire International Release

Amazon Kindle Fire International Release could be a lot sooner than we think. Right now the Kindle Fire is only sold in the US and according to the blog Know Your Mobile the Kindle Fire tablet will be getting a UK release date as early as January.

Amazon Kindle Fire International Release

Amazon will be bringing the Kindle Fire to the UK, a source close to the launch has informed us.

Amazon’s Kindle Fire has been the talk of the town since it first launched in the US on November 15. It’s also the one of the only tablets to date that analysts agree could give Apple’s iPad some trouble. But what about a UK release date?

So far Amazon has been pretty tight-lipped about if and when the Amazon Kindle Fire will be coming to the UK. Some reports have even claimed the slate might not be coming to the UK at all. Thankfully, however, this isn’t the case – the Kindle Fire is coming. Just at a slightly later date.

So when exactly can we expect the Kindle Fire on our shores? Our source said it will be arriving in January 2012, meaning anyone hoping to get one for Christmas will be sorely disappointed.

Our source didn’t reveal much else in the way of details – they said nothing about pricing or an exact date – but we’d assume that Amazon will keep the price tag nice and aggressive, just as it did in the US.

Amazon was approached specifically to see if the news was true and to ask about their international plans for the future. Usually the company will not discuss reports such as this, so it really is less likely we are going to get a response from Amazon according to mocoNews.

A January launch of the device in the UK would be a big shift for Amazon, which took more than two years to expand its original Kindle to sell beyond the original launch market of the U.S. However, Amazon would have had to secure more than just e-book distribution rights for its first e-reader; it would have also had to broker a deal with a carrier to provide the network connectivity for the Whispersync service that updates the device and comes bundled as part of the basic price for the product.

However, the launch of the updated, touchscreen Kindle has seen Amazon quicken the pace of international launches for its Kindle e-reader products. Last week it added Italy and Spain to its roster of European countries where it is available, along with an e-reader store.

The WiFi-only Fire will need no carrier negotiations but will still need to secure international rights for content.

A January launch for the Kindle in the UK specifically also makes sense considering that Amazon would be keen to steal a march on Netflix, which is also planning a launch of its service in the UK and Ireland some time in early 2012 (the exact date has not been announced).

What do you think about Amazon Kindle Fire International Release? You know, I think Amazon wants to get that 50% of the Android tablet market next year 2012, according to analysts. Some believe that one way, if not the only way, for Amazon to get this 50 per cent Android tablet market is for Amazon to go international. But, to say for sure if the Kindle Fire will spread to the UK or international period is hard not knowing for sure what Amazon’s international intentions are.

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