How to Use Dropbox On Kindle Fire

How to Use Dropbox on Kindle Fire

Let’s talk about How to Use Dropbox On Kindle Fire.  One of the most demanded cold storage services is called Dropbox. All of the important files including images, videos files and official files can be accessed with the help of Dropbox. It does not make any difference whether you are at home or [...]

How to Protect My Kindle Fire From Viruses

How to protect my Kindle Fire from viruses

Unlike the previous Kindle devices, Amazon’s Kindle Fire is a full-fledged Android tablet. This means there’s an absolutely massive range of software available for use on it- beyond reading e-books; it can run an office suite, it can run photo editing software, it can run games. However, the versatility of the Kindle Fire [...]

The Best 5 HDTVs for 2012

Amazon's Best 5 HDTVs for 2012

Send to Kindle When looking for The Best 5 HDTVs for 2012 High Definition and in this case HD television viewing seems to be the way to go for most families and individuals across the globe. HDTV sets are considered an ideal choice mainly because of their picture clarity and quality. In this article, I [...]

Amazon Send to Kindle For Mac

Amazon Send To Kindle for Mac

Today we have some great news from Amazon that its Send to Kindle service is now available for Mac, a little over three months after the release of the software for Windows users to send documents to a Kindle .   What does this mean?  Now Apple users can send their documents and [...] Announces First Quarter Sales Up 34% and Shares Up 14% Announces First Quarter Sales Up 34% and Shares Up 14%

Numbers are in… has released their earnings from the first quarter of this year ending March 31, 2012.  They are actually better than I was expecting. Announces First Quarter Sales Up 34% and Shares Up 14% Here are some of the numbers… Operating cash flow up 1% to $3.05 billion to $3.03 [...]

iPhone 5 Announcement 2012

iPhone 5 Announcement 2012

The Apple iPhone 5, which will actually be the sixth edition of this multi-million-selling smartphone, is set to arrive at some point in 2012. It is doubtlessly the hottest tech release of the year, since most reports suggest that it will represent the most significant hardware update seen in the series so far. [...]

Pimp Your Phone – The Hottest New Mobile Accessories

Pimp Your Phone - The Hottest New Mobile Accessories

Send to Kindle  Who would have thought a few years ago that mobile phones would help us in every aspect of our lives? No longer just a phone, your mobile device is a computer, a camera and a GPS. Today’s new mobile phone accessories are about more than headsets and speakers. The hottest new accessories [...]

Amazon’s Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Amazon's Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Send to Kindle  Well, it’s getting close to Mother’s Day 2012 and this year it falls on Sunday, May 13.  This year Amazon’s Mother’s Day Gift Ideas are great.  When I was a kid the big thing for Mother’s Day was to cook her breakfast in bed which usually ended up in bed, or maybe [...]

Why an E-reader Is Worth It

Why an E-reader Is Worth It

Please welcome Terry A. as a quest writer talking  about Why an E-reader Is Worth It.  I’m sure most of you have thought about buying an e-reader, right?  I finally purchased my first one when the Kindle Fire came out and glad I did. Textbooks are expensive and that’s one reason why an [...]

Attack of the iPhones


The love-hate relationship that we have with our mobile technology devices goes something like this: we love the instant information gratification, but we hate faces perpetually drawn to tiny screens everywhere we look. We love being able to reach anyone at any time; we hate being reached by anyone at any time. We [...]

5 iPhone Apps You Shouldn’t Drive Without

5 iPhone Apps You Shouldn't Drive Without

Send to Kindle  The iPhone has become a tool for almost every situation. From business to raising kids there is an app available to help. With the use of iPhones innovative technology, drivers are also using apps to drive better, safer, and reach their destinations easier. Here are 5 apps that every driver should have [...]

The Legacy of Dick Clark

Dick Clark Was An Authority Picking Out a List of All Time Hits - Dick Clark's Greatest Moments

Every man’s life ends the same way. It is only the details of how he lived and how he died that distinguish one man from another. Ernest Hemingway   Dick Clark died at the age of 82 in Santa Monica, California.  What do you say about a man that did so mush for [...]

Amazon Publishing Now Has Print and Digital Rights to the James Bond Books

Amazon Publishing Now Has Print and Digital Rights to the James Bond Books

Send to Kindle  Amazon Publishing Now Has Print and Digital Rights to the James Bond Books.  Yes you heard right, the original 14 James Bond novels by Ian Fleming were bought by for the next 10 years. The 10 year republication rights are for both the print books and e-books.  There have been one [...]

The World of Lost Smartphones [Infographics]

I think we all at some point in our life have lost our phone.  I know I have twice and not having your smartphone in today”s world is like not having  your classes, if you wear classes. Not to mention, that loosing your smartphone is bad enough but think about what it’s going [...]

10 Reasons Why Macs Are Better Than PCs

10 Reasons Mac is Better than PC

While many PC owners don’t get into the fray, many Mac owners adamantly let everyone know that Macs are better than PCs. There are several reasons why Mac is better than PC’s, and many of these reasons are why so many people are making the switch, abandoning PCs for a brand new Mac. [...]

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